everywhere i go


a portrait of me by Ken, in the morning light of the lunar new year, february. it was taken near his family home where we spent the week for the celebration. i love the way the light falls on me, making my dark brown hair look a little red and that my face is hidden, i did just woke up. it was around 7.30am and i had the day off from work. a smug on my face, because waking up early on a holiday is a plus -- we can do so much in a long day! we walked around the neighborhood and went to our favorite spot where we can clearly see the hills line up on the horizon. took some deep breaths, snapped some photos and went on our way to breakfast, with the family.

also, more changes for the blog - i never really did settle. but i will stick with this one longer before another change erupt, header and fonts are my favorite to-date. :)

press play - by the beach


we've had some quiet, cold mornings by the beach, sipping coffee. fishermen leaving and the faint smell of cigarette and dogs combing the shore. those are some of my favorite memories, waking up at 6am for breakfast, planning the day and where we're gonna be. i'd do it again in a heartbeat.

but when we're here, watching animal clouds or when it's thunder and rain -- it's perfect too. seeping, slow mornings. it's hard to be satisfied with things, naturally, we're only humans. but perpetually, it gets downright exhausting. this is one of the thoughts i am grateful for today, to know there are times being grateful is what it's all about. to stop and remember the good things, these fleeting moments beats the hell out of everything else.

have a slow weekend x

the windowsill


it used to be the headboard. from where i usually peeked outside -- when the morning sun rises from the horizon.

last week Ken and i re-arranged the furniture in the bedroom and it quickly became my one of my favorite sitting spot in the bedroom, bed pushed aside -- to another corner. my little army of succulents can finally be on it without the danger of me slapping them around in my sleep. for real, ridiculous. we have been moving them around in the past month, diligently, seeking enough sun-love out at the balcony.

that long, white ceramic pot found during our last visit to Ikea is one of my recent favorite. enough to place up to 6 cactus-es at a time, but 4 for now, until i got a much better soil to plant them in all-together. Ken convinced me to get it and i'm so so glad i did. another in a wooden box i got years back to store some stationary, now with mr. prickly in it, surrounded by stacks of wine corks i've collected over the past year. and far left -- my favorite of all, a moon cactus gift from Ken, with a bright pink top, still standing strong in a ceramic vase with spots of baby blue loves. 

so there it is -- i have a little cacti garden at the windowsill. growing this bunch, updates soon.

happy list - april showers


I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good.   ―  Roald Dahl, My Uncle Oswald

a happy list, the first two weeks of april -- everything's great, even the weather. i love the morning sunshine and evening showers, always getting home without breaking a sweat after a long day in the office. feels. good.

here goes more
1. early morning yoga, out in a park
2. stacks of books, mostly unread
3. bedroom's furniture re-arranged
4. a hello from a sick friend that has gotten so much better
5. old pictures of girlfriends and me. missing the noise we make whenever we gather
6. Ken's cooking and the chocolate bars he bought me
7. rain soaked window sills
8. healthy. lively succulents

what makes you happy this week?

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white noise


"I rolled back onto the lawn and pressed my forehead to the ground again and made the noise that Father calls groaning. I make this noise when there is too much information coming into my head from the outside world. It is like when you are upset and you hold the radio against your ear and you tune it halfway between two stations so that all you get is white noise and then you turn the volume right up so that this is all can hear and then you know you are safe because you cannot hear anything else"

"..but in life you have to take lots of decisions and if you don't take decisions you would never do anything because you would spend all your time choosing between things you could do."

"I like it when it rains hard. It sounds like white noise everywhere, which is like silence but not empty"
Mark Haddon

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time, chronicled by a boy who cannot fathom emotion and on the contrary, it brings tons of emotional moment with every turned page. i picked it up the first time we were in Penang last year and done with it, in just two days.  now every time i caught a glimpse of it among the stacks of books in the corner of my bedroom, i hear the ocean, i feel the warmth of the sea breeze. some people have a new bottle of perfume back from new places they travel to, some people get magnets to stick on their fridges, something to remember the place by. i, read a new book and it brings a story alongside every adventure, and it's one of my favorite thing to do.