Eight Shores
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let's start over

we moved to our new home after my last post, i'm so happy that things are getting settled, one after another. i couldn't take any day off-work so Ken did all the moving (up flights of stairs to the 3rd floor, i could only imagined how he'd managed to carry a fridge all by himself) - it was a week day when we got the keys, & we were out of our temporary home in no time. he did all the hard work over the span of two days & i wished i could've done more to help. i got home each day, unpacked, sort everything out. moving is fun in a way, new spaces, new rooms to grow - whatever that means. i'd always love the notion of starting over.

^ a view from the lrt, my daily commute - new route to work is not too shabby :)

^ still stacking books on the floor, i guess not much has changed. still looking for that perfect book case. also as you can see, almost half the stacks are Ken's collection of Jo NesbΓΈ's work. he has a thing for modern crime & thriller fiction.

^ the view from the little balcony at the back of the flat. the balcony is right outside the master bedroom so i love the fact that we're much closer to nature now - slept way too much over the past few weeks! waking up to this view every morning makes me happy.

freedom. it feels so good to have our own place again - independence is such a tricky thing isn't it? it's bliss.