Dayalan & Shusan | Esplanade

a pre-wedding shoot.

Location: Esplanade Beach, Miri Sarawak

Shusan is my sister - and she met Dayalan during their college days. I remember being at their graduation day, seeing them in their robes with their degrees in hand. Fast-forward, a few years later, there I was taking their photos just 2 days before their wedding day. How fast does time flies, I guess I better not go there?

Shusan asked about the possibility of us having this session the day before Ken & I flew back to Miri for their wedding. It was a rather last minute decision, I've got limited equipment in hand, they needed the photos to be ready just a day before the reception - but I thought, why the heck not. We got there, prepared some simple props and rushed to the beach, hoping to make it before sun down. 

The sun was a little harsh at first, and people were running around the beach, kids playing in the sand. Our dad prepared the balloons earlier in the day and it made this shoot a little more special. We were back in our hometown, we played on this very coast when we were kids. This is a shoot I will always remember.


photos taken - early July, 2016.

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