Dayalan & Shusan | Eastwood

Location: Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri Sarawak

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we went to the golf course, just 10 mins drive from home.

i remember Eastwood from a couple years back, it was where my family had our 1st Christmas dinner together after a long time. this time we're back again for my sister's wedding reception & i jumped at the chance of having the photoshoot here, in the sun.

this session took place a day before the wedding dinner.

while they're dressed in the outfit they wore on their marriage registration day, Ken & i braved the heat with bottles of drinking water in hand. we arrived at the shooting location drenched in sweat! Miri is really warm this time of the year. scratch that, i mean all year round. i also sneaked out some of mum's traditional headgear, as props. these are made from colorful beads & feathers, usually worn during weddings and dance performances. 

these head gears are called 'lavung' in Kayan. i think they both look great in them!

we wrapped up the session right before sun down. it was a long day but i spent all night editing, just excited to see how the pictures turned out. in so many ways, it was worth it.

Early July 2016.