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in finding stillness — people, places and things.

Sharon, the sometimes-restless wife, writes a little, takes most of the photos - and Kian, the meticulous husband behind the scenes, sometimes fiddling with the camera too. we like walking when the weather is just-right (in our case, turns out, we love it chilly), but don’t get us started on good, good food. anyone’s got some kimchi? — s + k

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a birthday weekend, amsterdam


we were celebrating my birthday — walking around the canal ring, we took the awesome canal cruise and almost froze ourselves to oblivion in the minus centigrade - strangely enough, when it’s super sunny. — s


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the infamous floating flower market. winter was approaching when we were here, we walked around with frozen hands (ok, exaggerated), very desperate for something warm to hold on to. stalls filled with christmas ornaments in delft blue, fresh tulips bulbs. dutch cheese. fancy wooden clogs. — s




a birthday weekend





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