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a photoblog

in finding stillness — people, places and things.

Sharon, the sometimes-restless wife, writes a little, takes most of the photos - and Kian, the meticulous husband behind the scenes, sometimes fiddling with the camera too. we like walking when the weather is just-right (in our case, turns out, we love it chilly), but don’t get us started on good, good food. anyone’s got some kimchi? — s + k



sunbather — eats 024


there are hints of inspirations from the land of the rising sun throughout the area. the cafe is bright and airy, calming wood fixtures, fun interior, not too serious. the menu is packed with options, i had a hard time picking out a drink - everything just looked so tempting. don’t get me started on the teatime / dessert menu.

shokupan japanese toasts. yaki imo (slow-roasted sweet potato). parfait. deconstructed feta cheesecake??


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the home of hamlet


a storm was rolling in when i arrived in helsingør (also known as elsinore) , a port city in eastern denmark. from the train station, i walked along the waterfront towards kronborg castle, the home of shakespeare’s ‘hamlet’. i walked past the little mermaid’s brother, aka ‘the little merman’, great ferries, old wooden boats. it was early autumn, super windy. — s




near the baltic sea

near the north sea


uli’ huma, borneo

cameron highlands


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