We’re Sharon and Kian, a husband and wife team living in a little flat in a rather lush-green corner of Kuala Lumpur. We explore nature and old towns, both slightly obsessed with culture and historical stories. We love food and we're avid collectors of 'happy' things to fill our home, maybe just as you do. Instant film prints. Postcards. Old toys. Cute little figurines. NatGeo books. Murakami books. Other books. Handmade crafts that fill our shelves. Things that stick to our fridge and more, so much more. Mostly, things with meanings. We collect memories. We're homebodies but love our occasional trips out of this hectic city too.

We blog;
Started in 2014, Eight Shores is now a smorgasbord of some of our photography works, inspirations, adventures. 
The blog is where it all started, being some sort of an online 'album, a creative outlet'. We wrote through our road trips, gastronomic experiences, etc. Life as it is, mostly, plus stuff we love. We hope to aspire our readers to find stillness, instead of the usual frantic-rushing through our days, we're all guilty of doing that often.

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On photography;
Sharon — It has kept me intrigued since my early years. How moments are captured in a fragment of a second, lasts a lifetime. Mood portrayed through a picture, even if it's in just black and white. It could be a completely new way to see things, with new meanings. 
We hope you also enjoy our photo series while you're here!

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