Hello! I'm Sharon, a keen photographer specializing in portraits, travel & lifestyle\documentary works. Born in Miri, Borneo, I am now based in Kuala Lumpur with my other half, Ken. We're a team! Founded in 2014, this website is a smorgasbord of some of my photography works, inspirations & our adventures. We travel, collect happy things & document the moments through images. I write quite a bit too.

How I got into photography? Photography intrigued me since my early years. How moments can be captured in a fragment of a second & lasts a lifetime. How mood can be portrayed through a picture, sometimes in just black & white. It could be a completely new way to see things, with new meanings. I'm constantly drawn to inspiration around me, especially in the wild outdoor, but also in the comfort of a home. I see the world around me as if I'm looking through a viewfinder, so I try to capture it the way I see it, the best I can.

It's the little details in our lives that make the perfect subjects, we make the perfect subjects.

We all have our own stories to tell. 

p.s Films & film emulations are special to us, it's how photography was when we were growing up -- permanent on prints, candid, almost magic. Currently, we shoot digital, chasing natural light. The best light.


Email or fill up the Contact form for rates, or simply drop a comment on the blog & say hi! Thanks for being here. 



Sharon & Ken

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