Hafiz + Liza

we first met on the day of the event and had a quick photoshoot after their solemnization/nikah ceremony was over. i quite like the fact that it's more of a 'seize the moment' shoot. the plan was simple, for me to cover their actual event, maybe take some photos of just the two of them afterwards, if time allows. it was only minutes after they're legally married. i found a nice spot at the back of the building we were in -- lined by a row of a few locked old classrooms with high ceilings, adorned by a classic facade. concrete floors, aged walls. probably not the fanciest venue, but it was perfect. i think it means more than anything -- this is where they signed the papers! :)

they were both dressed in all-white, traditional attires. Liza looked so beautiful, even without heavy makeup on. it was easy to see how they both value simplicity, even on their solemnization day. i am grateful to have been given the chance to photograph such a special day for these lovebirds.


this was my first time attending a Malay wedding (or more specifically, a 'nikah' ceremony) -- taking photos was certainly a challenge because the flow of events are so different to what i'm used to. it makes this such a special shoot too, one i certainly treasure. i admired how Hafiz & Liza paid attention to the little details. the beautiful henna on her hands and feet, the beautiful fabric they chose for their clothes. white, red and black. all smiles despite all the rush. the love they have for each other shone through every click of my camera. couldn't get any better than that.



Photographed by: Eight Shores

Makeup: Aneez Sofia

Henna: Bella Henna & Artwork

Venue: Royal Malaysian Customs Office & Residential Complex, Kelana Jaya



happy mid-autumn festival (belated)

it was the Chinese mid-autumn festival on October 4th. this year, K & i splurged a little on mooncakes! remember last year's lanterns? for some reason it seems like ages ago, but maybe that's just me. our celebration for this year's pretty special too, the gift boxes these mooncakes came with are so beautiful -- we'll be using these boxes as storage boxes afterwards, both look pretty darn good on the shelves. boxes aside,  the mooncakes didn't disappoint. i could instantly taste the quality and dedication put into baking each. i want more...


K suggested that i should try the ones loaded with mixed fruits + nuts, and i was hooked. i'm crazy for nuts~ we also bought some made with dragonfruits -- a little strange at first but dragonfruits are my favorite so i shouldn't have any problem finishing it up too! Oversea's Classic Jade Pandan Paste mooncake isn't too sweet, which i really liked. i wished we've bought more of pandan flavored ones. well, there's always next year.


^ Dragon-i nailed it this year with such elegant, velvety, luxurious gift box. the entire box (including the bottom of the inner box) is embellished with paintings designed with the 'Beijing Grand View Garden' theme. the mooncakes are packed in golden lotus 'wraps'. we filled it up with 4 mooncakes -- 2 of Dragon-i Signature mooncakes (dragonfruits!), plus 2 Exotic Mixed Fruits & Nuts mooncakes.


^ a beautiful vintage-looking box from Shangri-La Hotel. these came in a few colors and tiers, i had to choose the red one, of course. filled it up with 4 mooncakes -- 2 Assorted Nuts & Sun-Dried Fruits mooncakes plus 2 of the classic Lotus Seed Paste with Single Egg Yolk.


it is known that mid-autumn festival is celebrated while enjoying the bright full moon (i did wake up in the wee hours a few times last week, took a look outside -- the moon was ethereal, did anyone noticed?) i was pleased to see exquisite mooncakes collection in the malls, we also drove past a lantern parade at night. the weather just took a high turn, the heat wave was unbearable earlier in the month. i'm guessing it was because of the full moon, but now it's raining almost everyday. such a nice start to the final quarter of the year.



note: not a sponsored post


reggae bar

i don't know where to start when it comes to talking about how bad we both are (K & i) at going out and socializing. we're homebodies, adventurers, but not the type who would hang out with friends every weekend or every chance we get. i'm happy with that. those are my happy places, home or out exploring, just the two of us! well, this was one of the rare occurrences that we got out with a friend of mine -- we played some pool, danced to good music, with ice cold beer in-hand. we had a photoshoot at a cafe in the afternoon and ended up here at the Reggae Bar (off Petaling Street) hours later after walking around the area.


tons of writings on the wall. my friend had our names written on one of the bricks (it's almost a tradition for visitors to write their names here) the bartender handed us a liquid paper correction pen to scribble as much as we want. there are names and years of visits, i wondered if most of them came back. mostly tourists, leaving notes in foreign languages. 


K & i have been here before too and i've always enjoyed their playlists. reggae music of course, little to nothing beats chugging on a pint of beer to the rhythm of 'No Women No Cry'. 


we played pool and laughed like crazy, i'm terrible at it! it's fun to learn and i wish we have one of these in our living room. too much? 


this place holds plenty of memories, i must say. just look at these walls. it's also one of the good places that opens up early in the day, where you can relax and have fun without the partying crowd. introverts unite.


this is the first time i tried shooting in the dark. i got my camera with me and was over the moon, just clicking away. i'm a fan of the natural light but pushing myself out of my comfort zone feels so good. it's a new world, playing with different settings and figuring out how things could work. i quite like how some of these shots turn out. what do you think?