Melaka sweet treats — Eats 012

we brought home some sweet treats from our trip to Melaka last month, and i have been trying my best to make them last as long as i can -- else we'll have to plan another trip soon just for these! whenever we travel, we look for local treats to bring home and it has became a habit, one i wouldn't trade for anything else. instead of little souvenirs, we have more of these, given as gifts to close family and friends too. these are healthy snacks, and i can enjoy them within a few months - such sweet, lasting reminder of the trip itself :)

left - Tan Kim Hock's coconut cookies, made of dried, shredded coconut. fragrant, with a creamy and crispy taste of the savory coconut flavor when eaten. very high in fibre, and perfect for teatime. 

right - San Shu Gong's gula tarik kok-kok, traditional pulled candies made of palm sugar and coconut milk. in the olden days, these candies are made by the roadside, sold by vendor (or candy man) who ride around in their bicycles, selling candies to children. he'll use a metallic cutter and a small hammer to cut the candy into small pieces, making staggering kok! kok! sound. hence the cute name! the packaging itself is spot on. it has a mild, sweet palm sugar taste which i love, it's not overwhelming.

left - Shan Su Gong's banana chips. my absolute favorite. the original taste of sweet, flavorful bananas with every bite, but crispy. i could eat this all day. 

right - 'kacang tumbuk' or 'peanut crunch' candies. Ken loves anything peanut. the best kacang tumbuk are the ones that melts in your mouth, packed with authentic peanut flare, nutty-sweet flavor with a crunch-crumbly texture. the verdict - he's had better ones and i agree that it's really hard to find good kacang tumbuk, and the best ones are usually not widely commercialized. it was a Royal court snacks since the Ming Dynasty of ancient China, and that fact proves why it's such a difficult treat to make!

left - Tan Kim Hock's durian dodol


not everyone loves durian, some people stay away from it just because of the smell. me on the other hand, loves durian. it doesn't have a bad smell, really, but it's overpowering and the smell lingers, and i hate that. this durian dodol doesn't have that strong durian smell though, fear not. 'dodol' is a sweet toffee-like confection, it's sticky and thick. the traditional ones are cooked over charcoal/wood, wrapped in banana leaves. durian dodol is made of durian, rice flour, palm sugar and coconut milk. yum :)

right - 'gula-gula kelapa', or coconut candy. i'm not sure if anyone will dislike this, it's such a perfect treat. mainly made of coconut milk and corn syrup, it's brown in color and mildly sweet. it reminds me of my childhood when i used to run around the beach with one of these in my mouth. Ken loves it for as long as he can remember too.