I would want things to be different than they were.  The wanting was a wilderness and I had to find my own way out of the woods. -- Cheryl Strayed, Wild

a stunning feather-like plant i came across at the nursery and i couldn't resist bringing it home. was told that it's a type of succulent, but perhaps it's not, i'm not sure either. but it's such an interesting addition to my little 'garden' at home.

a yellow flower bed Ken and i walked by, Melaka. those are the prettiest chrysanthemums, i think.

waking up to the sun rising from the horizon. the sky was red and orange, this picture i took from where i slept, with my eyes half open doesn't do it any justice. Ken woke me up and said, look outside.

pretty little mess, at the windowsill. heavy rain outside.

a swedish ivy. i've yet to find a nice hanging planter for it but this will do for now. it's struggling a little at the moment with the change of humidity and light, but i think it's gonna be just fine.

spot the black cat.

i had seven days away from work and stayed home most of the time. i love it. scoured through some photos taken over the past month, and Ken gave me some post ideas seeing that recently we made some special purchases to spruce up our place a little - some things we really love having. perhaps more on that soon, but for now,  a glimpse of the past two weeks. to sum it up, the house is a bit of a novice home-gardener-mess at the moment. but i guess i wouldn't have it any other way. the thing about plants, is that figuring out how they thrive and somehow keeping them alive and well is exhilarating. perhaps it's the notion of it all -- they flourish, they keep me intrigued with their tiniest buds and sporadic growth, and they keep the air clean. win-win.