Time really is one big continuous cloth, no? We habitually cut out pieces of time to fit us, so we tend to fool ourselves into thinking that time is our size, but it really goes on and on. ― Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase

a list of recent challenges.

yoga. building up arm strength. trying to 'master' bakasana the right way and hold it as long as i could. trying to get more sleep / waking up late on my off days, i'm a ridiculously early-bird. an aching leg for days, no apparent reason. staying positive at work. missing my little brother. fear for the future. keeping a decent perspective on things. focus.

-- and i'm a thinker. a deep thinker. the worrisome kind. yoga has been a miracle to keep my mind off things, write things down. read more than usual. find inspiring things. this light blue jumpsuit is a merry discovery. that said, i don't think i ever own anything as comfy, i'm living in jumpsuits these days.