24 weeks of instax / week 1 & 2

a challenge.

today we're starting our first photography challenge on this blog, we wanted to make it a full year thing, but seeing that it's july already, it'll be a 24 weeks (6 months) challenge instead for 2015 and we're convinced that our instax goals will change next year, we'll see how it goes. our recently-purchased Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a gem and i'm beyond excited i try to resist (hard) from taking way too many pictures. i guess it's a good thing that owning an Instax camera means we have to buy the films so i try to only capture the special moments/things instead.

week 1, left - Ken & gelato time (mango is so yum) 

week 2, right - the beautiful lanterns at Aka Chochin Izakaya

goals -- for this challenge, we'll use our Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera, take it out with us on our little adventures whenever we can. we'll learn more of the functions it has, and how to use it aside from the basics, in different lighting. so far the outcome has been surprising with each shot, reminding me of how much i love film -- but there has been couple of over-exposed films too, bummer. we'll take a photo every week, from July to December and share it on this blog. i'm also excited to create some sort of a display frame and perhaps a scrapbook for all shots taken in 2015, once the challenge is over. 

do you have an instax camera? join us and let's have some fun?