24 weeks of instax - red leaves / week 3

 week 3.

hello, it's the third week of our on-going '24 weeks of instax' challenge, i was supposed to post this yesterday before the week ended but -- here's one Ken took of me at our little balcony on Saturday. it's currently a mess, though i have to say most of my little gardening happens in our bedroom, where the windowsill  is. the balcony is my second favorite area in the apartment, where i spend most mornings, drinking green tea and looking into the horizon with loud music playing on my iPad after my morning yoga practice. this is where we spend some nights drinking wine, watching night lights.

we might be having way too much fun with this little camera. first lesson - i've learned to always check the shooting range prior, though i'd only realized this after a few failed and blurred shots. it's funny that it's the simplest thing but ha - so easily overlooked. truth is i haven't been thinking much when i have it in hand, aside from the lighting and the shooting modes :)

happy Monday.

now listening to - Lily Kershaw, As It Seems <3