goodbye June - an ode, keeping things whole

"[We all have reasons 
for moving.] 
I move
to keep things whole."
-- Mark Strand

(photos via my Instagram throughout June)

there goes incredibly-stressful June, here's a round-up. not much of a month-end thing i guess, we're almost past the first week of July and while i was trying to figure things out on my end, i forgot to post this, somehow. i'll admit it wasn't easy transitioning into things but being in the moment feels rather good after so long, without any worries. well that's a lie, i worry -- but for now, less. i'm making plans, writing them down, surrounded by things i love, making plans -- because somehow, i'm looking forward to a lot of things, while keeping myself grounded. 

the end of May's Gawai post  felt like ages ago. i have been posting less over June but here's the few that made it through -- selcouth, a list of recent challengesdisconnect, on wanting things to be different and a glimpse of itty-bitty plants in our placedear isobel -- we all have our bad daysa happy list, because it's necessary. 

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