klebang beach

He has forgotten to turn off his watch, which ticks like a metal pulse against his wrist. He does not hear it. He dreams of coral reefs and plankton. His fingers find the pillowcases, sailing masts, he turns on his side, opens his eyes once. He thinks that scuba divers must have the most wonderful job in the word- so much water to glide through. -- Sarah Kay, Astronaut

this was one of our early adventures together, back in february 2013. one weekend Ken told me to get ready and pack some things, out of the blue. we were out of town before noon. a little surprise road trip, he said. got a little lost looking for a beach and after driving around for hours, we stumbled across this man-made beauty out in a rather quaint side of Melaka. 

an old abandoned dock, reminded me of one in my hometown, Miri. it was pretty, undisturbed.

the fact there's few people on this beach at the time brought our attention elsewhere, Ken was bugged by mozzies and i got busy taking pictures. we came across an empty restaurant with no one at the bar, bought some drinks and continued our walk outside. the weather was perfect at some point, the clouds shifted every now and then and we found some shade before we decided to head back to the car.

we waited for sundown and watched groups of people started flocking the beach. days like these are worth remembering, i'm glad i came across these photos in an old hard drive. also, we've yet to find a legit beach in Melaka, this one is man-made, can you tell? though every trip we've made so far weren't for the beach, i'm thinking of the 'gula melaka' cendol right about now.