Pangkor Island - girls on a getaway

"She always had that about her, that look of otherness, of eyes that see things much too far, and of thoughts that wander off the edge of the world." -- Joanne Harris

a morning on this island means a beach occupied by monkeys running about and tip-toeing peacocks, an army of jelly fishes brought ashore by the waves, and clear blue water. we waited for a few hours before we started swimming, rented two bicycles from the resort instead and cycled around the island with glee. we stopped by a fishing village, bought two fruity popsicles off a sundry shop and sat on a jetty, we watched the fishermen boats come and go in silence. 

by noon and after a quick lunch, we found our spot on the beach -- i insisted to stay in the shade after a quick swim, read a book and fell asleep. woke up and found her sitting beside me, dusting the towel and lying it flat and she said, here we are with our thoughts as if we're searching for something that means something, as any 20-somethings do - we talked about the past and the future, and how a getaway now means a getaway from it all. a few days on this beach erased some of the things we left behind, somehow.

it's funny that the one thing i remember so clearly from this trip was the moment we got into our chalet the first night in, greeted by a squealing monkey who got in through an open window. it snatched a pack of potato chips from our bedside table, made a loud noise and ran outside with it. my friend shrieked and i stood in awe, wondering what just happened. a few minutes later, we burst in laughter as we finally came to our senses --  hid our tidbits out of sight, and made sure the windows were shut. we spent the night wondering if there's a family of monkeys outside, stalking and waiting for their chance to enter our room and maybe attack us in our sleep. that didn't happen of course. 

this was four years ago, july 2011.