The early morning is too strong to drink straight, so I need to mix in a little coffee to be able to hold it down. -- Jarod Kintz, This Book Has No Title

it's fundamental to treat oneself - something i remind myself over and over again across the years, especially when it's bloody well-deserved. aside from forever wondering how people can go through their days without music in their head. it's crazy how different we are from each other, but similar in many ways. i people-watch, just thinking how alien our lives are to each other, it's fascinating. our thoughts contradict, our beliefs differ. just like how we'll pick the flavors of ice-cream, i tend to avoid anything nutty, but i'll go for anything berry. stupid comparison, i know.

K and i were out in the city last week, had our compulsory sushi session (i swear this is becoming a habit), and some fruity gelato for dessert afterwards. somehow we ended up hanging around for a bit, and suddenly a group of Johnny Rockets' waiter/waitresses started dancing to a pop song with wide smiles on their faces. they really seemed to enjoy it. 

we stopped by a nursery on our way home, my favorite place to be lately. it's quiet, and most of the time it's windy -- almost like a little forest on its own, right in the middle of a concrete jungle. he'd usually stop at the entrance and he'll wait in the car for a few minutes while i stroll back and forth, throughout the area, sometimes he'll join me. i'll grab something to purchase, got into some small talk with the owner, and make my way back to the car. 

now i do want some chocolate-covered popsicles. happy weekend.