24 weeks of instax - purple succulents / week 5

She tastes like nectar and salt. Nectar and salt and apples. Pollen and stars and hinges. She tastes like fairy tales. Swan maiden at midnight. Cream on the tip of a fox’s tongue. She tastes like hope. -- Laini Taylor, Daughter of Smoke and Bone

week 5.

we were away from home for almost a week, so it has been a little quiet around here. i can't wait to share more from this particular trip but for now, here's an instax taken during one of my favorite encounter; troops of succulents spread across a concrete floor in a huge yard - with a signboard for an orchid farm welcoming us at the front gate. it was a sweet surprise, we walked around the area for almost an hour, just admiring the vast choices of these little plants (i guess to not disappoint anyone's expectation to see orchids, they had a little section for orchids upfront near the entrance). the entire area was almost as huge as a soccer field. i love these purple succulents, they thrive well in the mountains, cold and unharmed.

(still) lost in the highlands, we'll be right back!