teas and the green rolling hills, Cameron Highlands

it's taking me sometime to write something along with the photos in this post, though i guess no words would suffice. we spent a morning walking in the tea plantation hills of Cameron Highlands, and it was breath-taking. i'd wish it was for sunrise, or sunset but at 9am the sun isn't high up yet and the cool and clean air got me gasping and turning and everywhere i looked, these rolling hills were just too beautiful beyond words.

^ these land rovers were our ride -- the guides drove us up to a lookout point, before we hike a little for the view.

^ Ken took this photo of me, taking his photo with my Instax camera :)

the locals plant vegetables here, too, at the foot of some of the hills. ^

we went down to the tea centre, where we had some rest and took a quick look at the tea processing plant. 

^ we had these for a quick lunch, and a few cups of teas of course, produced locally. definitely one of the highlights of our day. the buns were freshly out of the ovens and Ken and i kept nibbling off the fact that we should've bought and ate more .. we should've.

young tea leaves are pruned all year round, and here, it rains on an average of 20 days per month. the roads are narrow and winding, in fact a lady got a little car-sick on our way up. the driver had to give a honk or two whenever he approached a corner to let any oncoming traffic know there is a car coming. our shoes were smeared with dirt and mud but that made me smile instead of sigh. i guess apart from the beach, the rolling hills with the cool, fresh air are definitely my favorite place to be.

location: Sungai Palas Tea Garden, Brinchang (about 5km north from town)

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