the cactus valley

we found a cactus heaven.

stepping up some stairs from the main entrance, we were greeted by a vertical field of flowers and i thought, it couldn't get any better than this.

cactus larger than anything i've ever seen before. ^

^ wandering around the little paths and stopping every now and then when a weird cactus caught my eyes. 

^ there's a statue of moon cactus, littered with initials of people who have been here before. 

we got a little lost looking for this spectacular place, without any signboard pointing us to the right direction, we stumbled across it by mere luck. with a map in hand, sometimes it just gets more confusing, yes? something that should be there, isn't there. i'm obsessed with cactus and succulents, and seeing them growing wildly and not in teeny-tiny vases just made me smile -- i'm told some of these huge cactus are more than 60 years old. fascinating.

location: Cactus Valley \ Pekan Lama, 39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands (ask the locals, they'd point you to the right direction)