the mossy forest

The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff. -- Carl Sagan, Cosmos

elevated at almost 1600m above sea level, hiking across the chilly Mossy Forest in Brinchang is an experience we'd never forget. we spent a good few hours in this forest, told that we could be in the clouds any minute now or when the night approaches but it was a good day and the sun shined through right until the end of our hike. as the temperature falls and the trail got steeper, everything was covered in moss. we saw a number of huge carnivorous pitcher plants, Ken spotted an area of pretty spider webs before we heard someone panicked - a huge spider crossed their path. we tried our best not to disturb or move anything out of place. this place is ancient in the most mystical way.

we had a good guide who explained everything clear as day. this is not the typical rainforest, and it is new to me too. no mosquitoes or buzzing insects, only the sound of cicadas singing, it was their mating season! we stopped every now and then, the ground muddy from hikers' footsteps and spongy from years or piling, falling leaves.

we reached the top of the mountain, where we could see far into the horizon, and the border between one state to another. astounding. we spent a few minutes here, Ken found some rocks to climb for an even better view while i frantically tried to stay safe away from any visible cliff. i might have a fear for heights, after-all.

^ before he finally got off the rocks. cheeky.

mosses are delicate, but a mossy forest? it took hundreds, maybe thousands of years for the ecosystem to be the way it is today. i'd always believed forests to be sacred, and it's always important to treat everything with respect - something my grandfather would've said. coming from Borneo it's something that has grew deep within me -- foraging and hiking through my childhood, the camping trips and picnics and the national parks. it felt surreal to be 'back' again.