the lord's cafe, cameron highlands — Eats 015

the small town of Tanah Rata in Cameron Highlands promises delightful surprises for anyone seeking good food and quaint little cafes to relax in. though food-talk aside, the cool wind and beautiful scenery had me from the beginning, i never wanted to leave..

tucked on the upper floor of one of the shop lot, this little cafe is intriguing from its name and shy entrance, up the welcoming short flight of stairs, the smell of freshly baked pastries and its wicked scones. we had to 'barge' in and try some!

^ a rather aged sets of menu, the cafe is quite old but with a lovely ambiance. i watched strangers walking the streets below and the mountains through the huge windows.

^ i flipped through some old books and found some notes in this one -- killjoy! :)

^ we ordered these lemon and strawberry homemade cheesecake. the strawberry cheesecake was to die for. Ken is not a fan of strawberries, so lucky me :)  

^ the apple and chicken pies were a little average, but the warm strawberry scone was heavenly - served with dollops of cream. there are options to add butter and jam. i have never been a fan of scones but this changed my mind, just thinking about it is making me crave for more!

i love this calming little cafe with its cute little decorations lined up at the windowsills, its classic Asian furnishing, its homey approach to cakes and pastries. such a perfect spot for anyone who'd love a quiet afternoon with a book in hand, and a cup of tea (and scones, scones.) 

location: The Lord's Cafe \ No.4, 1st Floor, Main Road, 39000 Tanah Rata