little city of lights

Nothing is merely one thing. -- Virginia Woolf, To the Lighthouse

we went on this little trip to i-City when my extended family was in town for my sister's wedding. Ken had to drive a rented van huge enough to be considered a mini bus. painstaking manual transmission for a vehicle that size ... but he got the skills, i was in awe. it was a memorable night to say the very least, we were so tired, he was running a fever - but we wanted to make sure the boys had a good time while they're in town. sometimes Ken surprises me with immaculate patience when i least expect it. 

these photos don't do this place any justice. the lights were blinding, it was colorful at every turn. there were also robots that the kids can get into & walk around in. there was also a wax museum, where cameras are prohibited at entry, it displays a collection of scary wax figurines that secretly move their hands and faces. eerie is an understatement. there were countless rides & loud music coming off each. there were clowns in the dark.

did i mention illuminated cows?

did i mention illuminated cows?

fact: nothing beats running around a huge amusement park at night, with 4 little boys in tow - my troop of nephews, who wanted to jump on every ride they saw. 

also fact: i-city is no fun without kids. it's like a city of christmas, minus santa claus. we would never have made it there on our own.