the barracks cafe — eats 018

A little farther
we will see the almond trees blossoming
the marble gleaming in the sun
the sea breaking into waves
a little farther,
let us rise a little higher.
-- Giorgos Seferis, from “Mythistorema" in Collected Poems

The Barracks Cafe in Tanah Rata is one of my favorite places in Cameron Highlands. the food is great, we could sit in the garden and enjoy the breeze, surrounded by lush landscaping. i also adore the fact that it really does look like a military barracks, but with flowers and love-shaped, butterflies murals on the curvy zinc cladding. charming. we had brunch here on my birthday last November, and it was a real treat.

i have a thing for quirky cafes, with exceptionally good food (check out my posts, tagged Restaurants for more). that morning in the highlands, we ordered and waited for some time before the food finally arrived, because we got there too early and they've only stuck the bread into the oven. i do have to mention the breadbowl that got onto our table was phenomenal, and the wait was so worth it! what is it about good food that makes us (okay maybe just me?) forget our worries in an instance? i like that feeling, grateful for it. to just indulge and not worry about anything else, even if it's just for half of an hour. it really is a blessing to have food on the table, isn't it? it makes me sad sometimes when things happen and people argue over a meal. maybe nothing sadden me more. but we're just humans. though do not get me started about people wasting good, nutritious food......

here's Ken googling our next destination for the day, yes very tourist-y, under a cute red umbrella. on the right, is my favorite corner of the garden. orchids planters hanging off a huge tree that makes me feel like i belong. not disturbed by anything that's happening outside the wire fencing. there were less customers during our visit, it was too early in the day but i was so glad we made it. i got really busy snapping away, cos the smell of fresh bread from the kitchen inside one of the little barrack was slowly driving me crazy and i had to keep my mind occupied :)


i ordered their SHOTGUN Chicken Curry Breadbowl and it was so, so good. Ken also had a breadbowl, filled with lamb masala and it was the highlight of the day. no words to describe, except so delicious we went to heaven and back :) the bread so special and freshly baked, the curry intense in flavor, the meat so tender - it exceeded our expectations in every way. so good. i wish we're living in the area so i could have it at least once a week. maybe at least til i'm friendly enough with the chef so i can learn the recipe - not happening, i know.

what else could i say about a place so lush, hanging planter, mortar and pestles and all. except that i hope we'll be back again soon. and soon can't come soon enough. we made our minutes count and left with happy tummies. the waiter was really polite and even offered to take a photo of us at the entrance (yes, we're tourists..) - but when we left i noticed our feet got cut out off the frame and we both looked really, really fat and so it's not in this post, of course... 

(i must say that photo ended up on the wall, properly printed, cropped to our knees..because, good memory eh?)

next time, i'll be back for the lamb chops. anyone wants to tag along? (i've missed blogging, how is Christmas already a month back?) hope everyone had a really nice New Year celebration - i can't wait to see what 2017 brings us all. x



Location: The Barracks Cafe, No. 1, Jalan Gereja, 39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang, Malaysia