a work in progress

This website is a work in progress, always. This time though I'm changing the platform (Blogger > Squarespace) I use so I'm expecting some glitches to tweak. Changing, mainly because of the way lesser time I need to spend on the site template/coding - and to just focus on content posting. That said, I'm not happy with my header, logo & template just yet, but this will do, for now. 

Well, if you've been with me for the past 2 years, you'll know I never quite settle :) 

Thanks everyone for being around! Eight Shores now include both my blog & collection of photos over the years - a mini photography 'portfolio', in hopefully - a very casual way.

I hope to get back into a certain rhythm of posting asap but my full-time job is in the way & so much is going on for now! Be right back.

x Sharon

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