happy mid-autumn festival

"Wishing us a long life - to share the graceful moonlight, though thousands of miles apart." 

my favorite memory of the mid-autumn festival is the one from years ago on the beach in Kuantan, with my group of college friends. we dug holes in the sand, placed tiny lanterns in them, and hung some on dried tree branches erected across the shoreline at sun down. we sat on the beach, watching the bright, full moon, and played some games til our cheeks hurt from laughter.

those were the days - when nothing was tougher than exams. we were hopeful.

the Chinese have been celebrating mid-autumn festival for thousands of years. when the moon is believed to be the biggest, and fullest - it symbolizes prosperity, happiness, pureness, reunion. fact is, it has been celebrated long before there were moon cakes. there are lots of legends surrounding this festival - read it up on the internet & perhaps you'll be enchanted as I did.

being surrounded by Chinese friends since childhood, plus Ken is also Chinese - i have been blessed with the abundance this season brings. all kinds of moon cakes go around. beautiful lanterns lit. even huge, floating ones. parades. appreciation of the moon. it truly is one of my favorite celebration.

this year, Ken & i bought these stunning vintage lanterns weeks in advance. tonight, i'm sitting here in my living room, watching the shadows from these lanterns dance on the walls. peaceful & content.

happy mid-autumn festival, wherever you are x