lanterns-hunting, petaling street

hello again! in my previous post i mentioned buying those beautiful lanterns weeks in advance. it looks like i'm bound for a post of the day i bought them. from Petaling Street, with love :)

this was also the day we celebrated our 5th year anniversary together.

i remember waking up in the worst mood ever, my face swollen from a rough night sleep. i've spoken to Ken about getting some of the traditional lanterns days before, not expecting we'll be looking for some anytime soon. we got into the car that morning, just wanting to get out of the house & do something for the day, maybe buy that can of white spray we needed to cover some ugly-looking plumbing i couldn't get my eyes off. but it was way too early for hardware-store visit. Ken glanced at me (he woke up in a terrible mood too, apparently) and said - we're going to Petaling Street for the lanterns.

that instantly made my day.

this street is always buzzing. the weather was perfect - not sunny, but warm enough. 

we found the lanterns shop far across the street, where a few stores were lined up with colorful lanterns hung to attract obsessed visitors like me. lots of bargaining took place - which is a must, or you're missing out on the possibilities of saving tons of money, just saying. :)

whenever Ken & i are in Petaling Street (or Chinatown), there's one thing we never missed - the 'air mata kucing' sold at the stall in the center of the area. for those who aren't familiar, it's an iced fruit drink made of winter melon, monk fruits, dried longan & sugar. of course i've forgotten to take a photo of it - it was gone in maybe less than 3 sips. too thirsty to even make conversations after all the walking.

this unplanned visit turned out to be such a great start to our day.