a Miri medley

"I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place." -- Michael Faudet, Dirty Pretty Things

that morning we walked to the nearest shop lots, just 10 minutes walk away from my parent's home. it felt strange for me to walk in this neighborhood, it seems so familiar yet so different. i used to cycle to school past this area, before i moved to boarding school at 15. little sundry stores no longer look like how they used to be, there were no familiar faces. i was a stranger. 

the market was quiet. not surprising, we walked past it around noon.

i've introduced this local noodle dish to Ken before, during our trip to Kuching last year - and he love it as much as I do. nothing can beat a no-frills served-in-a-bowl kolok mee. Miri's got the best non-halal kolok mee, i insist.

we ordered 5 bowls of noodles for 3 people at this little cafe! good thinking - we only had this 1 day to feast on local food.

this is one dish i wish exists in Kuala Lumpur. wantan mee, as Miri-ans call it, is really a bowl of wantons. utter satisfaction. this was the best. so good.

this post is a medley of photos taken across town too, though i think it's best to leave them caption-less. it's strange to look at these photos cos they remind me of what happened in the past, instead of the present. my childhood friends are long gone now, scattered around the country. places are refurbished with new malls, flyovers, bungalows & bars. new housing areas were built along the road that used to be my playground after school. sometimes it feels like i have nothing to go back to but the family. and the beach. 

Miri is a humble little city as you can see, i may have even captured the worst of it - but it's packed with tons of little surprises, and i do think that the best part of it is always the untouched side of town. where the wildlife is. the national parks where i spent so many nights camping & hiking. the beach that don't change much.

it's not much, but it feels important for me to document this, because what if i forget? :)



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