pomelo pomelo face

"And it's true, I have a perfectly fine face, eyes that may well be 'kind' but are also the brownest of browns, a reasonable-sized nose and the kind of smile that causes photographs to be thrown away." ― David Nicholls, Us

this week my office hours starts at 2pm & i make my way home around 8pm. it goes on from my desk at home til 11 at night. this cycle happens once a month or so, before i get back to flexible hours. it's one of those weeks where i feel like the usual 5 working days equal to 1 long, some sort of a miserable week-long day. 

i get by. taking in as much as i can & sleep as much as i want to. no complains. everyday i wake up, cook some brunch, go to work, skip our usual heavy dinner routine & try to keep my momentum. Ken watches as i get grumpy when the internet connection turns shitty before i get my tasks done at night. i'm not as patient as i'd like to be when things fall apart. 

he get by - i do hope he's gotten used to my tantrums by now :)

yesterday before i left at noon, he reminded me of what i wanted to do & still hasn't - take photos of this pomelo fruit we bought in Ipoh last week. so we did, & he opened it up last night just so we can have taste before it turns bad. it wasn't as sweet as we hoped. it's also been too long since i've seen or eaten one! just keep em citrus delight coming while it lasts. while we laugh at the blandness. 

i crave for moments like these. 2016 is going by too fast, don't you think? i'd like to think i'm slow living. slow it down just a little bit. no, it's not October in a matter of weeks. such denial.

how's your week going? splendid, i hope! i'm getting all pomelo-faced. whatever that means.