happy year of the fire rooster!

we got ourselves some auspicious things for this lunar new year.

this year marks our first attempt at decorating our home for the Chinese New Year! we haven't got any chance to do so in the past, we'd never have the whole place to ourselves until we moved to our current place. 

we bought a bunch of lucky bamboos from Petaling Street almost a month in advance, and we piled marbles and pebbles in the glass vase to hold the bamboos in place. we also found some pretty ornaments in Pudu, and i hung them on the curly ends. the paper cuttings were perfect too, one stuck on the door and another framed. pretty pleased with how these little things turned out so well together. the highlight - Ken folded lots of origami roosters over the past 2 weeks, can you spot those? the roosters are perfect. he also went to the nursery and got us a gorgeous lime tree. we're making our own traditions.

to those celebrating, Gong Xi Fa Cai! :)