2017 - writing it down

"there’s a universe
swirling inside of you." 
-- K.Y. Robinson
fresh flowers! what's better to celebrate a new year with :) 

fresh flowers! what's better to celebrate a new year with :) 

i've had the chance to slow down & think of my major want-to-dos this year, over the past few weeks. funny that this didn't happen before the new year kicked in, but i had some thoughts when the sound of the fireworks faded into the distance..

this new year, it will be all about recognizing my priorities, and WRITING ALL OF IT DOWN.

remember the power of the written words. how it can transform an idea into something real. how it drives behavior. over the past few years i've forgotten how important this is & how it has changed my life in the past. maybe it's time to get back into that gear. i haven't written much, too busy with figuring things out some other way. out of balance. this year, i'll get back to the habit of writing my goals down, tasks i need to do, ideas i want to figure out --- with pencils, with pens, on paper. taking notes.

this january, i've been starting to do just that. i have a desk calendar at work (i've never had or wanted one...). i have a journal i'm filling up when i got the time, i have wall planners (two, mind you! weekly & monthly hehe). it definitely is helping lessen some unnecessary stress i've had trying to remember almost everything - which is how i've done life over the past years. mostly because i hate the thought of planning like hell & failing miserably. why? i'm not sure either, but that thought has put immense pressure on me as months passed by. it's like i've put some things i've wanted to do in a corner somewhere, like boxes waiting to be opened or put away. lost. i kept having that nagging feeling that i've not done enough. 

ey, i think i like who i am a little better nowi got my weekends goals down & accomplished so much already. it feels good. have a happy 2017 everyone! exciting times ahead. x