Hafiz + Liza

we first met on the day of the event and had a quick photoshoot after their solemnization/nikah ceremony was over. i quite like the fact that it's more of a 'seize the moment' shoot. the plan was simple, for me to cover their actual event, maybe take some photos of just the two of them afterwards, if time allows. it was only minutes after they're legally married. i found a nice spot at the back of the building we were in -- lined by a row of a few locked old classrooms with high ceilings, adorned by a classic facade. concrete floors, aged walls. probably not the fanciest venue, but it was perfect. i think it means more than anything -- this is where they 'signed the papers'! :)

they were both dressed in all-white, traditional attires. Liza looked so beautiful, even without heavy makeup on. it was easy to see how they both value simplicity, even on their solemnization day. i am grateful to have been given the chance to photograph such a special day for these lovebirds.


this was my first time attending a Malay wedding (or more specifically, a 'nikah' ceremony) -- taking photos was certainly a challenge because the flow of events are so different to what i'm used to. it makes this such a special shoot too, one i certainly treasure. i admired how Hafiz & Liza paid attention to the little details. the beautiful henna on her hands and feet, the beautiful fabric they chose for their clothes. white, red and black. all smiles despite all the rush. the love they have for each other shone through every click of my camera. couldn't get any better than that.



Photographed by: Eight Shores

Makeup: Aneez Sofia

Henna: Bella Henna & Artwork

Venue: Royal Malaysian Customs Office & Residential Complex, Kelana Jaya