merchant's lane — eats 021

it's nothing new for me to get head over heels over a space(s). Merchant's Lane Cafe is a beautiful one, furnished with a style that brought out some sort of what i'd call the Malaysian-oriental old-world charm, in a way. maybe it's the modern take on the heritage of Petaling Street itself, i was swooning. the spaces are divided into a few sections, most of it open-air. lush greens. engulfed by the smell of coffee. blessed with plenty of sunlight. 


we decided to have coffee & cakes, plus  a few interesting servings out of the cheeky menu. i do have to say I wasn't impressed with the super-sweet carrot cake slice, but maybe some people like it sweet? the coffee made up for it. so good. K was happy with his 'hongkie beef stew' but dessert was served too early so the roti jala was a puddle of ice cream mess when we finally got to it. ah well.


if only i'd taken more photos of the spaces here, but the place was getting too crowded -- at some point i can't wait to get the hell out. obviously, it's not a good place to be at on weekends\public holidays, we both hate crowded areas. still, i'll be back for the good coffee and more snaps of the cafe corners. on a day off. on a weekday. can't wait.




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