reggae bar

i don't know where to start when it comes to talking about how bad we both are (K & i) at going out and socializing. we're homebodies, adventurers, but not the type who would hang out with friends every weekend or every chance we get. i'm happy with that. those are my happy places, home or out exploring, just the two of us! well, this was one of the rare occurrences that we got out with a friend of mine -- we played some pool, danced to good music, with ice cold beer in-hand. we had a photoshoot at a cafe in the afternoon and ended up here at the Reggae Bar (off Petaling Street) hours later after walking around the area.


tons of writings on the wall. my friend had our names written on one of the bricks (it's almost a tradition for visitors to write their names here) the bartender handed us a liquid paper correction pen to scribble as much as we want. there are names and years of visits, i wondered if most of them came back. mostly tourists, leaving notes in foreign languages. 


K & i have been here before too and i've always enjoyed their playlists. reggae music of course, little to nothing beats chugging on a pint of beer to the rhythm of 'No Women No Cry'. 


we played pool and laughed like crazy, i'm terrible at it! it's fun to learn and i wish we have one of these in our living room. too much? 


this place holds plenty of memories, i must say. just look at these walls. it's also one of the good places that opens up early in the day, where you can relax and have fun without the partying crowd. introverts unite.


this is the first time i tried shooting in the dark. i got my camera with me and was over the moon, just clicking away. i'm a fan of the natural light but pushing myself out of my comfort zone feels so good. it's a new world, playing with different settings and figuring out how things could work. i quite like how some of these shots turn out. what do you think?