eshores eats

we've been posting lots about food on this blog over the past few years with our EATS series, but creating a separate Instagram account for all our foodie-related adventures has made me happier than i thought i would be. i'm no longer flooding everyone's feed with food photos and while we're going all out with documenting our gastronomic adventures, i know we all have our personal preferences when it comes to what we eat. we both love food, especially that K's family has a restaurant background and i grew up cooking with my mum + three sisters.

food photography is also something i'd like to venture more into, but with a less-staged approach. to simply capture the moments + share what we enjoy -- being in the kitchen, making good food, eating out, discovering great restaurants.

at home, we cook almost every day. over the past few months we've gotten into meal planning which has pretty much helped in reducing wastage. if you'd like to follow along in almost real-time (instantgram!) or on the lookout for some good restaurants, see Instagram: @eshores.eats 

in a nutshell, the eshores eats project\series;

  • what it is a rather personal food documentary series.
  • why we're doing it to stay close to the little joys we always find in food. discover new tastes, share great finds. improve cooking skills, evolve.
  • what we're trying to achieve documenting food we love over the years + local food culture, with a visual approach. 

you'll also find selected photos uploaded to our 'projects' link on the main menu. projects > eshores eats. we're having so much fun already. note: we'd love to hear if you follow any interesting food accounts, reading + discovering food culture is never boring to us.



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