homebound — looks like film 001

my childhood days with my family's film camera brought me here today. i like both now; actual film photos & photos that looks like film. so much has changed since those days in Miri. i don't have easy access to good film labs in town now, where i can easily get the negatives developed -- it's almost impossible these days. most labs ran out of business. i could learn the developing skills but it isn't convenient with our current room counts at home. i remember those days in the 90s when we have to wait days to finally see the results. those days when we treasured every roll of film & trusted our instincts - that it'll all turn out ok. sometimes nothing turned out as planned. i remember the frustration very well too! these days we've gotten used to the easy access to cameras on smartphones & digital cameras that we may have taken it for granted. it's not as special as it used to be, the excitement, how the photos make a person feel. it' way too easy to take tons of photos, delete, and retake.

i found the Gudak app & it reminded me of those times - it's quite fun to use! it gives me a roll of 24 photos to take, through a teeny-tiny viewfinder, modeled after disposable Kodak camera. once i'm done with all 24, i take my roll to the “Processing Laboratory,” where it’ll 'develop' for three days. no previews, nothing. a new roll of film is available after an hour. here's some 'processed films' from my 1st 'film roll':

Photo 16-12-2017, 9 52 28 AM.jpg
Photo 16-12-2017, 4 57 16 PM.jpg
Photo 16-12-2017, 7 07 01 PM.jpg
Photo 16-12-2017, 10 15 21 AM.jpg
Photo 16-12-2017, 10 32 30 PM.jpg
Photo 17-12-2017, 2 17 31 PM.jpg
Photo 17-12-2017, 2 54 39 PM.jpg
The term ‘Gudagdali’ is an old Korean term for ‘outdated.' In today’s digital era where the ‘undo’ function is prevalent, we may have lost the ‘thrill’ of choosing and cherishing moments. The ‘aesthetics of waiting’ for printed photos may also have been lost. We, therefore, hope to go away from the mainstream routine of ‘taking many photos and picking out the few good ones’ and bring back that ‘Gudak Moment.’ -- Screw Bar 
Photo 17-12-2017, 2 51 32 PM.jpg
Photo 18-12-2017, 10 03 16 AM.jpg
Photo 17-12-2017, 11 59 39 AM.jpg
Photo 18-12-2017, 9 53 44 AM.jpg
Photo 19-12-2017, 9 03 59 AM.jpg
Photo 20-12-2017, 1 22 26 PM.jpg
Photo 20-12-2017, 2 36 19 PM.jpg
Photo 20-12-2017, 1 22 49 PM.jpg

what do you think? i quite like the results actually. i like the anticipation even more. these were taken before and during our journey back to my hometown, Miri. i'll surely share more of my Gudak snaps soon!

when it comes to film emulations (and photography, of course), i'm very much attracted to how photos make me feel. putting aside the fact that these photos are digitally processed too (with Gudak app, i can't do any edits!). it feels nostalgic. it reminds me of my family's old film camera. as it always is, photography can be objective but also so intensely emotional. in this case, the most fun i've had with 99 cents.


HAPPY NEW YEAR, BTW. hope everyone is having lots of fun this New Year's Eve.