cheng hoon teng — curious architecture 007

here's one for my curious architecture series. this is a gem in Melaka's old town.

also known as 'Merciful Cloud Temple' and founded in the 1600s, this is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. it is also one of my favorite curious architecture to-date, so humble yet so extravagant at the same time - i really can't express it in words. i'll try with this: a petite, historical monument at its finest.

on the day of my visit, there were some restoration works going on, buckets were scattered in some area and there were scaffolding built. looking closer i could see the maintenance of this place is not taken lightly by the people here. here's some words from the current standing committee on restoration (i took these from their official website), and i think they got the right idea all along: 

We want to pass this legacy to our children, to our grandchildren, and our great grand children. They have as much right to this heritage as we have. We must not allow our efforts of perpetuating our culture and traditions to fade away with the passing of time. We must preserve our heritage for the sake of our descendants.
— Chairman, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Inc.

back in its early days, one of its purpose was also to serve as a court of justice for the Chinese Kapitans. being inside the compound, i realized that it definitely has that vibe of ancient Chinese administration, just like in the movies, if that makes sense? this place is charming. not huge but full of its own charisma. i like it.

beautiful details guarding the front entrance. the colors are astounding.

i did not get to spend much time here, just a mere 30 minutes or so, before the sun sets. i was glad i stopped by.