the happy list / march 8th


HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY! i had some cakes to celebrate today, with the ladies at my workplace. there are about 10 of us in a male-dominated office so we had so much fun, laughing and talking about things that we don't usually talk about with the rest of the office troops. it was great.

it's been a good year so far. how is it March already?! here are some of the things i'm grateful for lately :) 

  1. German bier. we love the Brotzeit in Sunway Pyramid. Paulaners are perfect for sunny afternoons.
  2. good hair days. i've found a shampoo that suits me, finally! i can't wait to rave about it in a post for my beauty series soon.
  3. old things. the interior of the Hotel Puri in Melaka are candies to my eyes. 
  4. pretty blooms from Ken on Valentine's Day. we spent the entire day together, which was even better.
  5. weekend naps. i've enjoyed one or two over the past week and it felt like i made up for lost time. 
  6. delicious fish curry. Ken is cooking a pot of it for dinner while i'm typing these..
  7. comfy shoes for my endless walks.
  8. wednesdays. because, two more days to the weekend! 

what makes you happy today?