open spaces, Melaka

Melaka's old town is one of my favorite place to be. i love the alleys, the buildings, the people, the food. which is why i've been raving about my recent visit over the past week on my instagram, and i can't wait to go back again! this time around, i spent 2 days there for an 'Amazing Race' style corporate kickoff and it was great. 

this is the first post i could get out of this visit - as usual i've got way too many photos and deciding which to share is a torture. i'll start with the wide open spaces - beautiful garden, temples opened for visitors (always my favorite to gawk at), the airy compound on top of the hill where the St. Paul's Church ruin is. 

this garden is placed at the heart of Hotel Puri, where I stayed the night. it was windy all day, all night that i felt like taking a nap whenever i sat down on the garden's iron chairs. the trees provide the perfect shade for afternoon naps.

2017-02-23 09.59.15 1.jpg

i remember looking at the opened windows above, and wishing i live in that space, looking out the window in the morning with coffee in hand. also had a feeling the current tenant and i would get along pretty well. no doubts. 

the temple above, is so beautiful. i'll write more about it soon in a separate post, for my curious architecture series.

the ancient church's ruin on top of the hill is also my favorite place to be, especially when it's not too sunny!

there's something about open spaces and how it heals. much like how a trip can change how we feel. a short trip is best for Melaka. this time i was tied to a schedule so i couldn't explore as much as i want to. i've been here a few times but i've yet to get tired of it, probably won't. 

happy weekend!