to burntfeather

"Let's buy scratchies only to realise we've already won." -- Dear Ben, Dear Fee (Love Zine)

here's a little shout-out to Fee, who reminded me of my best friend in college, with her beautiful self and cute drawings! Fee lives in Australia and she blogs at burntfeatheri've always been a fan of her creative works, she's kept me intrigued with every posts and i love how we're finally making connection in the 'real world' with this little mail -- about a month ago she put up a love zine she's personally made on a giveaway -- and she sent me one -- plus some other delightful things. it took weeks for her mail to have reached me but it made me so happy the minute i saw the envelope! it felt unreal, in a way, we've only been communicating via our blog posts :)

i love these pretty stickers.

i love these pretty stickers.

the zine is beautifully made, i adore every word and every page of it. thanks Fee!



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