storefronts, melaka — on the streets of. 001

hello! i have been away from blogging/this website due to some issues with my payment processing(sigh) and i held it off for a month before calling back the bank and website support - got tired of the delays and all, so i decided - i needed a little break too. it turned out my auto-payment cycles were detected as fraudulent transactions for some reason, and it got rejected by the bank. sorry for the sudden disappearance! all is good now though, back for good :)

looking back to my short 2-days in Melaka in February, i remember walking along the empty streets of Jonker Walk and noticing all the pretty storefronts. i did not manage to capture them all, i will, hopefully make a photo series out of it someday.. but here's some for now. 

the prettiest blue door.

rent-a-cycle. great way to explore this little old town, it's so perfect for sunset rides!

hat's anyone? the heat is unbearable, as always, but who cares, with one of these around - we're all covered.

totoro. my favorite.

the streets were empty because it was a weekday - the shops closed around 6pm. a completely different atmosphere compared to weekends, this area in particular are packed with visitors Friday night onward. there is a night market that opens over the weekend so if you plan on visiting for the first time, i recommend checking that out. 

hope everyone is having a great weekend! it feels so good to be back blogging - it was a good decision to take a step back for a bit, and focus a little more on my offline life. there's always a silver lining.