departure & arrival (KUL > BKI)

"..and at once I knew I was not magnificent,
Hulled far from the highway aisle..I could see for miles, miles, miles."  — Bon Iver, Holocene 

24.05.17 | we woke up at 3.30am, showered, got ready. i made coffee and we ate five half-boiled eggs, with toasts, before leaving the house. we took the airport bus from the central station, the bus journey took almost an hour. it was still dark when we got to KLIA2.

around 6am, we sat at Dome Coffee. a hot honey lemon tea to keep me awake, flat white for K. there was a group of chatty women speaking in Cantonese in the next booth, it made me feel anxious, but only because they were speaking in bullet speeds and i could hardly catch up with my own thoughts. i couldn't wait to board the plane.

we weren't talking much, mostly just unintentionally listening to every word the ladies were saying. K said one of them were boasting about not showering. pretty funny to me. then we played some games on the phone just to kill some time.

at 7.30am, the airport looked pretty awesome in the morning light. we stood at the open-air platform and watched some planes went by.

we were on-board around 7.45am. the plane departed at 8.10am, headed for Kota Kinabalu. 

our seats were uncomfortable. i kept myself occupied watching clouds, daydreaming. a lady slept like a baby in our row. K described it "it's as if she was sleeping in her own bed at home". she had a bright yellow blanket with minions on it.  

2.5-hours of flight, around 10.15am - i caught glimpses of the reef and islands minutes before we landed in Kota Kinabalu. it felt so good to know that i'm back in Borneo again. excited would be an understatement.

Kota Kinabalu is a coastal city, just like Miri - where my hometown is. it looked so familiar from up top, but also different at the same time. this is my 3rd trip here, once when i was studying in pre-U, then once when my younger sister graduated from college.

11am. we took the airport shuttle bus from KKIA and the tickets costed rm5 each. pretty convenient. we bought the tickets at the counter inside the airport and got on one right away when we exit. the bus, windows heavily tinted in blue, has a few stops across the city, and we got down in front of Suria Sabah. 

our accommodation for the night was only 5 minutes walk from the bus stop, pretty close to the infamous Gaya Street, but a little further from the hustle & bustle of the city traffic. it was lovely to me. this little dog belong to the hotel owner and it gave me a friendly welcome lick.

more posts soon. Sabah is incredible.