the happy list / may 18th

some of the things that made me happy lately.

  1. fresh pineapples, as you can see. also apples for breakfast.
  2. slow dancing in a burning room
  3. booked vacations. we're off somewhere new next week.
  4. another Instagram account i've created, for our fun foodie adventures. nothing lights up me eyes the way food does, that's what K said. > @eshores.eats
  5. we bought an oven, finally, earlier this month. it has been a problem due to the size of our tiny kitchen. so much joy in roasting, baking, making our own pizza .. (we got rid of our microwave, ha.)
  6. 'A Bite of China' food documentary series. one of the best food & culture documentary i've watched, thanks to K. 
  7. Peripera Airy Ink Velvet, in Orange Pink.
  8. taking tons of photos. Fujifilm X-T10 is brilliant.

what made your day?