watercress valley

leave it to me to get all excited about coming across a watercress farm in the highlands. this place is crude, in many ways, but also interesting to see. the entrance is through a steamboat restaurant, with watercress on the menu -- both establishments belong to the same owner. i think it's a brilliant business move.

it's located not far from the Lavender Garden. we saw it while we took a little break when we were on our way back to Tanah Rata for lunch. we saw some sort of vegetation, filling up this part of the hilly terrain. watercress.


i guess it's the perfect weather condition for watercress? these looked so yum. i noticed some were planted on the ground, and some were planted on these shelves.

leave it to me to take photos of strangers, too.

K in deep thoughts -- should i brave the heat, or should i not? it was pretty sunny.

there were other varieties of vegetables too, grown on the sides. it seems the restaurant has all the vegetables they need here. like i said, brilliant. no need for panic when an ingredient ran out :)


these photos were taken with my LG G4.