have a joyous ari gawai & pesta kaamatan!

it's time for the Harvest Festival again in Borneo! if you're from Sarawak and home right now, i hope you enjoy all the rice wine (tuak), eat all the good food on my behalf! gayu guru gerai nyamai. don't drink & drive. you know the drill.

my family don't celebrate because we're not from the Dayak tribe, but we're born into a multi-ethnics community and our big family are all mixed as my aunts, uncles and cousins inter-married with the other locals too. i grew up enjoying this season just as much as everyone else in the region.

p.s for more photos from Borneo, see my gallery here (also linked on my main navigation).  i do update my gallery pretty often, so do take a look whenever you're here! x