pekan nabalu

the temperature starts to get cooler around Nabalu, a humble little town, also a mid-way stop on our way to the Kinabalu Park\Kundasang area. with a stunning view of Mount Kinabalu, covered in mist, and locals selling local produce and crafts, i am glad we decided to stop by. 

i was able to find beautiful things here, including this fabric made with 100% cotton, printed in local native design. very different from the motif we have on prints in Sarawak and i like how it's more geometrical in nature.

there were pineapples everywhere.

Mount Kinabalu, covered in mist, behind me.

local, preserved food sold in jars. 


these bracelets made with beads are my favorite. 

we also stopped by on our way back to KK and bought most of the souvenirs from here. it is one of the best market yet and even though i find that most of the items are probably mass-produced, we found some pretty special ones too. Nabalu Market is humble but also full of surprises.