always a morning person / the happy list, sep 17th

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you. -- Walt Whitman

september is full of public holidays. i'm off work every friday but got out of bed before 8am anyway. sometimes i drag myself back to sleep cos i just can't get myself to not make any noise while everyone else is asleep. it's been raining a lot, but not as much as i want it to be. K injured his heels earlier this month and we've been home most of the weekends. some of it gone by with me just being so unproductive. i always feel guilty when i've done lesser than i think i should, but that's not good really. downtime is GOOD. 

some other things that made me happy lately.

  1. baking. baking on Sundays. mostly chocolate chip cookies!
  2. K made us a set of coral-colored business cards. 
  3. watching the early episodes of a K-variety show, 2 days 1 night. laughing way too much.
  4. healing wound. healing injuries. back in good health.
  5. scheduled photo shoots. meeting old friends & gawk at how longs it's been. time just flies.
  6. morning walks in our neighborhood. so much to see. minus the sweat.
  7. JENGA (though i'd end up playing alone cos K lost interest haha)
  8. long, flowy cardigans that goes well with dresses. the color grey. the color blue.

what made you happy lately? hope everyone's well!