2018 - better plans

happy january!

it feels like it was just yesterday that i've written that post. i think i did well with what i wanted to do, i wrote a lot throughout 2017. we're creature of habits. so i tried and let it be a habit. at the beginning of last year i knew it wasn't good enough to try + tackle major resolutions, i'd always end up not achieving much. asking myself what i wanted to do the most seems to remind me of the bigger picture of things. keeping it simple but also doing lots in between. 

Photo 16-10-2017, 6 41 39 PM.jpg

2017, our year in review. here are eight highlights :)

  1. celebrations : lunar new year in january was a blast with sweet treats + K decorating our own place with origamis. we also had yummy mooncakes for mid-autumn festival in october. christmas was a lot of fun with all the kayan traditional food we love, back in miri.
  2. back in borneo: we flew to kota kinabalu + went on a roadtrip from kk to kundasang, end of may. in december, we spent a week in miri.
  3. a few portraits sessions with the best of people.
  4. starting a proper workout routine, losing some extra weight + feeling healthier towards end of year. i danced a lot every sunday morning and sweat buckets ha.
  5. wordless sundays, daily wanders
  6. exploring more beautiful temples for my curious architecture series
  7. celebrating my birthday with a roadtrip + a seafood dinner -- melaka in november! 
  8. going to the beach at sunset, on K's birthday. it was a perfect little getaway.

in 2018, i just want to be a better planner! planning better -- better meals, better trips, better health, better mornings, etc. K & i both have a big year of planning ahead of us but i know we'll achieve what we want, one way or another, together. i'll try to blog as much as possible this year too! thanks so much for reading + leaving comments. always make my day.

what do you want to do the most in 2018? i hope your year is filled with light + love + all the simple things that matter.