christmas '17

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we celebrated christmas in miri this year, with my parents and the big family back home. i've not had the chance to post until now but i thought better late than never! it's also K's birthday and the highlight of the day, which i intended as a simple gift for his birthday -- we got to the beach around sunset and just unwind. the waves were fierce but the sunset was so beautiful.

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we woke up early to my nephews' cute faces (everyone sleepover during christmas-time, always!). we showered, dressed up but of course the kids got ready first! K shot some short videos and i took some photos of the kids with my dad while we waited for the rest of the crew to be out in the living area. it was a noisy, messy morning but with happy vibes all around. my dad led us with a prayer for the Christmas morning before i got busy being the photographer of the day, taking some family portraits. it was a lot of fun cramped into an hour. the kids stood around the christmas tree, looking for their names on the wrapped gifts. we feast on kayan traditional food that we've all prepared the day before -- pork cooked in bamboos (on real woodfire!) was the highlight. K and i loved it. we then visited a relative's house for brunch before coming back home to settle down. i was already exhausted by teatime..

at sunset my brother-in-law drove us to the nearest beach, Esplanade. we had fun on the beach, nephew collected seashells with K while i took lots of photos. it felt like all my troubles for the year got washed away with those waves. it was so relaxing. that night we had a few drinks on the front porch, enjoying the quiet after my nephews fell asleep.

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that's our christmas + K's birthday wrapped up in a short post! hope everyone's had a wonderful Christmas season (honestly, my little tree is still up, still in denial.) is there anyone still on vacation??