(tips) to the highlands

We've just came back from our first roadtrip for the year. We're missing Cameron Highlands already! 
Pleasant weather + the steaming pots of fresh vegetables we have at dinnertimes. 
This time we rented a place from airbnb, simply because it's such a waste that we don't have a kitchen, when it feels like we're home whenever we're up there. 
Cooking every night is such a joy. 
We have wine at night, wear fluffy socks to sleep--it might sound exaggerated but believe me when i say i stood at the balcony at night, my legs were shaky from the cold gushing wind. 
The temperature is only a little below 15 degrees but we've gotten used to 30 degrees, so there's that. 
My face felt like it was frozen though. pretty much in heaven when it's not windy.

Photo 03-02-2018, 11 16 39 AM (3).jpg

To anyone hoping for a local experience instead of a touristy one, try to visit on weekdays instead of weekends. 
The traffic would be badly congested otherwise. We all love escaping from the city due to the crazy heat but apparently, we can't escape the traffic.. 
(yes you can, go on a Wednesday). 

So here are eight things we think you should probably do while you're up there; 
we've included some links from our previous posts too for an idea of how each area looks like.

  1. have nasi lemak for breakfast at the Yong Teng Cafe. order a banana pancake, drizzled with honey too, for dessert. the humble cafe belongs to an elderly couple who are both deaf + mute so you'll learn some sign languages while you're at it. they're super friendly when they're not too busy!

  2. go to Kea Market, walk to the very end of the rows of stalls before buying anything, you might find some good bargains in the deep corners. buy lots of fresh greens if you can. they're cheap and super fresh, crunchy. tastes nothing like those at the supermarkets. depending on the season, there'll be heaps of strawberries! i was told the higher production season is from May-August.

  3. have lunch at the Barracks Cafe. their lamb masala, served in a breadbowl, is to die for. well, so far so good.

  4. go to the Cactus Point, not far from the Kea Market -- and buy some cactus to bring home. they need very little care, especially the spiky ones so choose carefully. the succulents with thick leaves tend to droop + die faster (ergh) in hot weather - so pick the spiky ones! there are countless varieties, thousands of cactus for sale here. if buying isn't your thing, just look at all the amazing plantsss

  5. go to the Cactus Valley and have fun while you maneuver your walks around the giant cactus. i've visited this place twice and still i see something intriguing every time.

  6. go to the tea plantation, just choose any! the views are amazing. if you're walking, just be mindful of the traffic. the roads are windy.

  7. explore Rose Valley. it really has the most beautiful of roses.

  8. if you're not renting an apartment, choose one of the steamboat restaurants in Brinchang for dinner at night, especially the ones using charcoal for their steamboat pots. order lots of local fresh vegetables. sit for hours. bring some wine for those cold nights. if you don't take alcohol, tea is perfect.

Cameron Highlands is the perfect getaway, especially if you avoid the timing of the crowd. 
Needless to say, it's one of our favorite place to be. 
We'll have a few more posts coming up from this trip, can't wait to share our excessive photos archive, again. but hey, come back soon for a read!